A romantic stay in a castle really wouldn't be complete without a four-poster bed and we have so many options to choose from.

A four-poster bed adds to any experience; you must admit that these amazing beds make you feel that little bit more pampered! We all should enjoy a bit of extravagance every now and again! I have included my top six suggestions for you...

Barcaldine Castle

Barcaldine Castle is a quaint little property located on the shores of Loch Creran, just twelve miles outside Oban. Barcaldine Castle has six luxurious bedrooms, two of which offer four-poster beds. All the rooms are opulent and romantic, each with their own rich and luxurious fabrics to create a traditional look. No two rooms are identical in size, shape or aspect!

Clontarf Castle

Not only is Clontarf Castle located just ten minutes outside Dublin, but the wide range of rooms the castle offers means you are slightly spoiled for choice. With this being one of our larger properties, it really doesn't lose any charm with its more modern room options. Many of the castle's rooms have beautiful four-poster beds with fabulous views of the Dublin mountains.

Glenapp Castle

Glenapp Castle is located in rural Ayrshire, a beautiful part of Scotland. If you are looking for somewhere to relax and recharge your batteries then this luxurious 5-star castle is where you need to be. Whether you take the property for exclusive-use or book a four-poster master suite just for yourself, you are bound to have an amazing time!

Langley Castle

If you are looking for a castle rich in history, with views of the Northumbrian valley and, on a clear day, Hadrian's Wall, then Langley Castle is for you. Langley is a 14th-century castle built during the reign of Edward III. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to four-poster rooms here, with eight of the rooms inside the castle featuring king-size four-poster beds!

Mingary Castle

Mingary Castle really is one-of-a-kind castle. This castle has been restored to its former glory and sits proudly above the Sound of Mull on its own rocky outcrop. With all five of its bedrooms having four-poster beds, you are spoilt for choice. Each room offers a lavish and truly unique experience.

Thornbury Castle

Thornbury Castle is the only Tudor castle to be open as a hotel and it allows you to walk in the steps of both Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn! Located in the south west of England and only two hours from London, it boasts the largest four-poster bed in any hotel within the UK.

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