Castle Stays Make Great Corporate Incentives


Looking for a different way to motivate your team? 

Here at Celtic Castles we know ourselves the value of team encouragement and focusing on what makes our company grow, not only to help build on fantastic customer service, but to help individual team members to grow, improve and learn.

Incentives are a great way to encourage the best from your team, and we have some great castles which would make great incentives!


First things first, a common question you might hear from employers is "How do we know when someone should receive an incentive?".You need to set targets and goals around the work that you are doing such as customer service targets which give you an opportunity to reward employees once these targets have been met.

If you are also looking at organising a team night away or an individual short trip as a reward for colleagues or employees, then we here at Celtic Castles are the people to contact. We can organise anything from a night away for a team member or small team with accommodation and a scrumptious evening meal or something bigger such as a mediaeval banquet with traditional costumes and entertainment for 100 people, and everything inbetween!


A great alternative incentive here at Celtic Castles is one of our two gift vouchers. These can either be a monetary gift voucher (with the voucher going against the cost of a castle stay in any of our over 90 castles) or one of our bed and breakfast gift vouchers (which pay for a 1-night bed and breakfast stay and are valid for 5 different castle properties).

Give us a whirl, and try something different with Celtic Castles and a castle stay!

Castles available to book through Celtic Castles

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