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Great Value for Customers From the USA in Scotland

Great Value for Customers From the USA in Scotland

The pound has faced a massive drop against the dollar; it's at a 30 year low... not good if we are travelling to Disneyland, but great if you are coming from the US to the UK.

I need to start with a confession: I don't know what will happen to currency rates going forward...nor does anyone else to be honest, and if they tell you they do, they're lying (some lucky punters always guess right, but that doesn't mean they know!). What I do know is that if you are from the USA, you'll get a lot more for you buck right now; your chance to experience an historical experience is now much cheaper!

Just to put this into perspective:

  • On Sunday 6 January 2016 1 GBP = 1.45 USD
  • On Wednesday 6 July 2016 1 GBP = 1.28 USD

Let me put this in a castle context for you:

If you were booking the Laird's King Four Poster at Castle Levan at £155 per night for 2 people, this would have cost you $225 USD in January; now it costs you $198 USD.

If you wanted to book a self-catering (vacation rental) holiday at Dairsie Castle near St. Andrews for Christmas, 7 nights would cost £3,500. This would have equated to $5,075 USD in January; now it costs you $4,480 USD...that is $320 per person per week...GREAT VALUE...and the castle will sleep 14 people. Anyone for golf?

If you wanted to stay in a fairytale Scottish castle, like Aldourie Castle, on the banks of Loch Ness for a week, this would cost £40,000. The cost would have been $58,000 USD in January; it now it costs you $51,200 USD...that is $1,766 per person per week and a saving of €6,800. This castle sleeps 29 people, so is perfect for a family gathering!

With this great value, just check out all our castle listings to find much more on offer and get a trip to Scotland in your diary for 2016! If you can't squeeze a trip in this year, book now for 2017 for the pick of the bunch!

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