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Ghost Stories Around the Fire at Castle Levan

Lady Montgomery, who was starved to death at Castle Levan

Legend has it that Castle Levan is haunted by a ghost known as the 'White Lady', who is said to be William Semple’s (one of the original owners of the castle) third wife, Lady Marion Montgomery, daughter of John Montgomerie of Hessilhead, inland from Largs.

The story goes that Marion tortured and killed 'tenants' in the castle. Mary of Guise sentenced her to death, a punishment later reduced to imprisonment in the castle. When Lady Montgomery’s husband returned from military duty, he was supposedly so disgusted by her behaviour that he locked her up in the castle and she starved to death. 

Some have suggested, however, that the story of the White Lady was concocted by the young Semple-Stewart (weary of the idea of living in a stuffy old fashioned castle) as a means for persuading his father to stump-up the cash needed to build him a fashionable new house!

You can stay in Castle Levan near Gourock in Scotland...but we cannot guarantee you will meet up with the White Lady!

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